size guide

1. The band measure tells the circumference, the area for the diameter of the cups and your body size. Measure your band under your bust with a cm or inch tape.
Pay attention that you measure on a horizontal line in front and in back. See illustration 1. Let’s say you measure 72 cm, according to the size chart you have a European band size of 70 and body size XS.

2. The breast measure at the highest point tells the cup size, the depth of a single cup for the volume of your bust. See illustration 2. As each body is different, this measurement is approximate information, as it depends on many unique factors like back width, weight, body fat, volume, shape and position of your bust. See illustration 3. Here we suggest trying one or two cup options of your bra, also for the perfect uplift and bra experience. Add your cup size from your bra size. Let’s say you have a cup size G. Go back to our size chart and select the Roman number II to your size XS. Your sweater size is XS-II. Now you can choose your favorite sweater colors in size XS-II and proceed with your order.