product care

luxurious essentials by genus femininum are made to last.

We want to make sure that you enjoy your favorite piece by many years.
Your pullover is made from 100 % cashmere which means it requires some love from time to time.
We recommend to hand wash or dry-clean the pullover. If you wash it, use a special cashmere shampoo whenever possible.

Cashmere is a very fine natural wool fibre and pilling is a natural appearance and result of wearing a fine fibre garment. You can carefully remove the pilling either by hand or using a special tool. We recommend a cashmere comb, fabric shaver, de-fuzzing or fuzz away device.
You can find these tools in a drugstore or a well sorted supermarket.

We recommend keeping your favorite essential/pullover away from sharp objects and direct light.
Also, moths can be dangerous for cashmere clothing! The easiest way to protect your luxurious cashmere pullover is to store it in the box it was delivered in. Last but not least, we advise you to insert the bust to the pullover whenever you’re not wearing it. This guarantees it stays in shape and you can enjoy wearing it for ages.