luxurious essentials

made for women with sculptured bodies

The key piece of our first collection is a luxurious pullover, made from finest and most exclusive cashmere by our trusted manufacturer in Italy. Available in four different colors it’s a timeless classic that will upgrade your wardrobe and go with whatever style you prefer. genus femininum wants you to feel like a modern goddess! Therefore, our pieces provide the perfect fit for all women with a slim waistline and large breasts. Embrace your femininity!

The colors of the pullover are inspired by nature and ancient times. The famous Italian painter Botticelli pictured Venus in a shell. To us, nothing stands for femininity, like Venus. That’s why we dedicated our first collection to this ancient goddess: “The Birth of Venus”.
The color palette is designed to remind you of the shimmering colors you’ll find inside a shell:
Pink, Purple, Black, Peach Petal.

The first piece of the collection bears the name of the brand founders and designers’ grandmother, Nina, and is dedicated to her.