We are a luxury knitwear brand that specializes in designing knitwear for women with a small band and fuller bust figure. With every piece from our collection we celebrate and empower women by creating a collection of 3-dimensional small band fuller bust sweaters, knitted with a patented technique, with a modern and contemporary silhouette to fit your extraordinary figure proportions. 

We want to give you a luxury fashion experience of having the opportunity to integrate our unique sweaters, that were inspired by you and created for you, into your wardrobe and personal aesthetic to feel confident, elegant, modern and feminine, to celebrate yourself and your small band fuller busted figure.

Our aim is to design timeless luxury sweaters and extend the wearing cycle of our pieces through natural high quality materials, artisan work and product care awareness. The raw cashmere comes from trusted and certified Mongolian cashmere farms. Our collection is 100% manufactured in Italy. Our reusable packaging is produced in UK and Lithuania. GENUS FEMININUM is a 100% women owned business. Created by a woman for women!

luxurious essentials

Your body is unique, so is our key piece sweater uniquely designed to perfectly fit your small band fuller bust body. We emphasize on the proportions of a smaller sized body with large breasts and reject the outdated fuller bust styling advices of covering, hide and distract with something. A V-neck does not solve the poor fit on a body.

Our sweater is designed with a 3-dimensional upper front and knitted with a patented technique to fit your curves. It gives you a needed volume coverage in the bust, while fitting perfectly around waist, back, shoulder and under armpits. No more a stretched chest or too much garment around waist or under armpits.

Whether you prefer the modern neutral aesthetic or a glamorous jeans look and rhinestone heels or prefer to style our jumper as a perfect fuller bust office attire with a classic suit. Our well fitted, timeless small band fuller bust jumpers with a narrow shoulder, a feminine and modern round neck line focuses on the whole silhouette and look and fit your individual style.