behind the scenes

a passion for knitwear: meet Anna

Anna is the mastermind behind genus femininum. She’s been passionate about knitting since she was three years old. Now she turned her passion into her very own fashion label, designing luxurious knitwear for modern goddesses. Her grandmother and mother taught her how to knit: First she was just holding the yarn but soon she began to work on her own knitted pieces. “Back then I was just as fascinated as I am today by the fact that through knitting you can create surfaces that always looks different, depending on how you use the knitting needle”, she says.

During her studies – she holds a degree as a fashion designer – she was very much into underwear, especially bras, before she discovered her love for knitting again and knew that she wanted to be a knitting designer. With genus femininum, her passions for knitting and bras unite into perfect essentials for slim women with large breasts. “I started my own brand when I was looking deeper into body forms and how they are presented on Instagram. I noticed there just wasn’t any pullover that embraced the beautiful curves of women with large breasts”, she recalls. She knitted one herself and her new fashion brand was born. After having worked a knit designer for some well-known and established German fashion brands Anna knows what’s important when it comes to knitwear.

Inspiration is an essential part to her work. Anna loves the ancient eras of Rome and Greece, art, architecture and sculptures from that time. The colors of her first collection are inspired by the inner of a shell and Botticelli’s famous painting “Birth of Venus”. In everyday life nature and of course her modern muses are a source of inspiration: Confident women, loving their body shape and having a passion for extraordinary fashion pieces. “I just want them to feel insanely feminine in my pullover”, Anna smiles.